Current productions

In the EAST - Stories from the special zone

It is polemical, cheerful and choral as the ensemble develops its perspective on the state of affairs 35 years after the fall of the Wall. The story is based on specially researched stories from East Germany.

Written by Anja Panse and Ensemble Director Anja Panse Stage Design Anja Panse Cast Heike Ronniger,Thomas Dehler, Anna Keil und Simon van Parys Production Konsortium Luft& Tiefe Premiere 12. Juli in Kannawurf/ Thüringen

Do you understand Station?

A quirky comedy of mistaken identities by the Potsdam musical association Fallobst e.V. tells the story of the confusion and obstacles at a railway station. This year's director is Anja Panse.

Written By Peter Reul Director Anja Panse Choreographer and Stage Design Annika Konnitzki Vocal Coach Sandy Matischok Cast Ensemble Fallobst e. V. Premiere 19.4.2024 Location Treffpunkt Freizeit Potsdam

PEACE FOOD or The last Soup

Our clown play is about peace and international understanding. Historical personalities compete against each other - princes of peace against warlords. Hotly contested battles are fought out in a bizarre, comedic clown play.

Written by Anja Panse Director Uli Hoch and Anja Panse Stage Anja Panse Costume Dinah Ehm Cast Anna Keil, Dinah Ehm und Anja Panse Fotos Ralph Bergel Production Triple A Premiere 27.10.2023 20h Brotfabrik Berlin More dates  September 2024 Brotfabrik

Clara Z - Fighting where life is

Be excited when Clara Zetkin takes you into a world when women were not yet allowed to vote, when danger and revolution were in the air and yet courageous women resolutely went their own way. Clara talks about her political ideas, successes and defeats as well as private moments. An evening full of esprit, polemics and music awaits you.

Written and Directed by Anja Panse Cast  Anna Keil als Clara Zetkin und Anja Panse als Rosa Luxemburg Premiere 31.3.2023 Location House Sillenbuch Stuttgart in Cooperation with Theatre tri-bühne Production Triple A More dates 10./16.3.2024